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What is a DOI link?

jhargisjhargis Member, Administrator, Institute_Staff, Moderator_MAST, Admin_MAST Posts: 30 admin
What are the DOI links I see on the MAST High Level Science Products page (for example, here)?


  • sweissmansweissman Member, Institute_Staff, Moderator_MAST Posts: 1
    A Digital Object Identifier, or DOI, is a persistent ID that uniquely describes a resource on the web. DOIs are frequently used to track publications in journals, but they are increasingly used for tracking other things, like data. By creating and using a MAST DOI and including a DOI link in your manuscript, you will provide your readers with a permanent reference to the data you used in your work.

    A DOI can be linked to via the resolver service, as in the following example: Here 10.17909/T9FG6R is the DOI. The service at redirects the browser to the MAST landing page for the DOI, which provides some brief information about the dataset, including its title, creator and a description. It also provides a link where the data can be downloaded.

    You can read more about DOIs on the MAST DOI home page. There you can find instructions for creating or finding a DOI for use in your publication.
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