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Help! My computer freezes when I try to run AstroDrizzle

gunninggunning Member, Institute_Staff Posts: 10
I am trying to combine a large number of images, but when I run AstroDrizzle my machine becomes unresponsive. I want to do other work while this is running. Is there anything I can do?


  • bajajbajaj Member, Institute_Staff Posts: 1
    In the astrodrizzle task parameters find the parameter num_cores. This parameter tells the task how many of your cores to use. If this parameter is not set, then the task defaults to auto-decide, and the task will use all of your cores. Setting this parameter to a value less than your number of cores will leave some of your cores open to process other things. Setting this to 1 disables parallel processing, as only one core is used. Increasing this number will cause the task to use more cores, so it will finish more quickly, at the expense of fewer cores available for other processes. If your other work is not computationally very intensive, leaving 1 or 2 cores open should work fine.
  • avilaavila Member, Institute_Staff Posts: 10
    edited December 2014
    Also, using multiple cores will use up a lot of RAM. This causes the computer to start using swap memory, which is very slow and is the cause of your frozen machine.

    If you want to use parallel processing make sure you have a lot of RAM in your machine. From personal experience I have found that you want to have about 1.5GB of RAM per ACS/WFC full frame image.
  • katesanikatesani Member Posts: 1
    Same problem with my computer but after i upgraded my computer with 1.5GB of Ram it's all good now. Thanks.:)
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