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Aligning a set of images from two different filters

Armin8Armin8 Member Posts: 1
I have a set of images from two different filters which belong to the STIS camera.
I can align these images when I intend to align them for each individual filter. However, by the time I align the images from both filters, I face a terrible problem.
It is vivid even to a naked eye there is some sort of a misalignment. As you can see in the master image (here ,it is like each star has repeated itself three to four times.
FYI: I use tweakreg to align my set of images and astrodrizzle to stack them.
Could anyone help me to address this problem?


  •[email protected] Member, Institute_Staff, Moderator_DrizzlePac Posts: 32
    When you align the second filter, it's important to specify the drizzled product of the first filter as the reference image. To do so, set final_wcs=True, final_refimage='im1_drz_sci.fits'. If you send more detail on your method for aligning and drizzling the data, such as lines of code and specific parameter settings, that would be helpful for diagnosing the problem.
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