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Do I have to use the GUI to run AstroDrizzle?

gunninggunning Member, Institute_Staff Posts: 10
Are there command line options to run AstroDrizzle in python scripts?


  • abowersabowers Member, Institute_Staff Posts: 6
    Yes there are. You first need to import astrodrizzle from drizzlepac and then to run astrodrizzle you do astrodrizzle.AstroDrizzle(input = '*flt.fits').

    Here's an example:
    from drizzlepac import astrodrizzle
    astrodrizzle.AstroDrizzle(input = '*flt.fits', output= 'myfinal_drizzle.fits')

    There is also documentation here where you can find the names to the other arguments astrodrizzle uses.
  • mdurbinmdurbin Member, Institute_Staff Posts: 3
    You can also still access the GUI from Python if you need to, with a command like:
  • avilaavila Member, Institute_Staff Posts: 10
    Chapter 5 of the Drizzlepac Handbook describes all the different ways you can use the Drizzlepac tasks.
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