Are the archival drizzled products good enough for science?

gunninggunning Member, Institute_Staff Posts: 10
I just retrieved my data from MAST but am not sure if I need to reprocess with AstroDrizzle. Can you describe any benefits of redrizzling?


  • avilaavila Member, Institute_Staff Posts: 10
    In general I would say that you DON'T want to use the drizzled products obtained from MAST for scientific analysis. Two quick reasons I can give are that:

    1. The astrodrizzle parameters used in the pipeline are conservative, so the products are not fully optimized for science.
    2. The pipeline only drizzles images from the same visit, so if you have observations from different visits you will have to process them yourself.
  • mutchlermutchler Member, Institute_Staff, Moderator_DrizzlePac Posts: 6
    I agree. I think there are some "quick-look" measurements and analysis you can do with standard archival "drz" images. But I hope by reading this forum you recognize that each data set is unique, and you can almost always generate better data products offline, where the full power of drizzling can be exploited (mosaics, multi-epoch combinations, subsampling, moving targets, etc).
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