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Infrared images

samir.alicehajicsamir.alicehajic Member Posts: 2
All space is out of the light which compresses into photon rings captured by the telescope.
Photon rings was connected from smaller to bigger which displays an back side image, while in infrared images photon rings changes its position from bigger to smaller photon rings, so you see the front side of the space captured by the telescope.
I noticed that you do not know that, becouse you are looking at the normal(back side) and infrared (front side) images as they are back side all, but infrared image must be rotated left->right to be matched with the normal(back side) image. That's also a not understanded quantum phisics of two pairs, also poisoned snakes which looks with its tail.
Example picture of NGC 2174(normal and infrared)

Infrared images 1 vote

Infrared images
Quantum phisics
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