Inverse matching

geckogecko Member Posts: 5
When encountering long lists of checkboxes it is easy enough to click one of them to get just that item, but what if you want everything except that item? The obvious solution is to check everything but that item, but there is no way to either "check all" or invert the logic at the moment. The results are filtered again and again after each is ticked off too, making it extra tedious.


  • scflemingscfleming Member, Institute_Staff, Moderator_MAST, Admin_MAST Posts: 35
    Thanks for the feedback. There is a "Select All" button in the middle panel where the data product rows are (and thus could use to do an "invert selection" as you describe, but we haven't yet looked into adding one for each individual panel on the left side. Some searches result in many filter options, others often have 1-a few, so it's hard to judge how often this feature would be useful for searches in general.
  • geckogecko Member Posts: 5
    No worries. It's something I used to want to do in the HLA too but there was no way then, either.
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