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First I want to say that I am liking MAST more and more. I like the additional features and interaction with other archives. I was definitely hostile to it once I heard the HLA was going away, but if that's how it's going to be, then I better get used to it. Scott Fleming suggested over on Twitter that I post suggestions here if I was ok with making them public. Might not be quite what anyone was expecting since it's not about features, but I practically live in the archive, so why not? Before I made it my mission to process all the things I did web and graphic design. Why not, indeed.

At first I only wanted to suggest a change to the filters pane. It just felt like each filter section could use a clearer delimitation. Just for kicks I started playing with the whole thing and realized the rest of it had a similar problem. The slight gradient on some title and menu bars don't provide a lot of visual weight to help guide the eye around and separate the various elements. There are also a lot of one and two pixel outlines that I find distracting. Having various elements align pixel perfect cleans it up a bit, too. Easily missed: Heavy drop shadow on the coordinates in AstroView; helps keep the text from blending in with the stars.


Anyway, won't hurt my feelings if no one likes it or cares about my suggestions. It certainly works alright as it is.

- Judy Schmidt (can't find a way to put my real name in my profile here)


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    Thanks Judy! This is great, doing a pass through the look&feel of the Portal is on our to-do list, and having a web content / designer give us direct feedback is fantastic. I will pass this screen shot on to the Portal development team and see if we can incorporate some of these features into the next design.
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    Happy to help. Wish I could do more.
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