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dimensions of extended sources

jstansjstans Member, Institute_Staff Posts: 2
When I specify an extended source the dimensions that appear in the 'sketch' are much larger than I would expect. E.G. if I put in a 'flat' extended source with 'major axes' of 8", the sketch shows a disk 32" in diameter. It may be that the calculation attempts to convert the major axis value to a semimajor axis value, but multiplies instead of divides by 2. In this example the disk should be either 8" diameter (if 'major axis' is just that), or 16" diameter (if 'major axis' really means semimajor axis).


  • laidlerlaidler Member, Administrator, Institute_Staff, jwst_etc_admin Posts: 10 admin
    We are looking into this & it appears there's a bug in the sketch (on the Sources & Scenes page) that does not affect the engine; we'll let you know for sure in a couple days.
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