What to do when calculations are hanging?

rigbyrigby Member Posts: 4
Some of my calculations are never finishing. Am I doing something wrong, or is this the system? Screenshot attached. The workbook ID is wb_id=1317#


  • laidlerlaidler Member, Administrator, Institute_Staff, jwst_etc_admin Posts: 10 admin
    Calculations that never finish indicate a problem with the system. It may be that the system has run out of resources, or that some other problem has occurred.

    If this happens, you should post here with the workbook id and affected calculation ids, and if possible the time that you submitted the calculations.

    After you reported this, we looked at the system & found that some processes were hanging. We restarted the ETC in order to clear this condition, and are investigating the underlying problem. Thanks for reporting it; this is very useful to us.

    Hopefully you did get a direct email response from our team not long after you reported this. We're still working out our processes for user communication here, so thanks for your patience!

  • loicalbertloicalbert Member Posts: 1
    My calculation for NIRISS / WFSS / Line flux spectrum seems to be hanging... It was started ~10 minutes ago. https://demo-jwst.etc.stsci.edu/workbook.html?wb_id=1191

    thank you
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