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Target pixel files but no light curves?

jhargisjhargis Member, Administrator, Institute_Staff, Moderator_MAST, Admin_MAST Posts: 30 admin
Why do some targets only have Target Pixel Files and not extracted light curves?


  • scflemingscfleming Member, Institute_Staff, Moderator_MAST, Admin_MAST Posts: 35
    There are two main reasons why a light curve may not be present. First, in order for a light curve to be produced, the optimal aperture must fall completely on science pixels. If the target was too close to the edge of a CCD in one quarter, a light curve was not produced. For these targets, it is usually a single Quarter that has a TPF only, with light curves and TPF present for all other Quarters observed. Second, if the aperture contains a significant number of pixels, such as for the Kepler Cluster Targets or non-contiguous pixels, such as for the CCD monitors, no light curve is produced. These cases usually have TPF only for all Quarters observed.
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