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I am running drizzlepac 2.1.3.dev, probably not a good idea, but that is what I get installed in the default settings in astroconda. Anyway, when trying to run astrodrizzle.Astrodrizzle on WFPC2 data (example 7), I get a response about DGEOFILE being replaced with NPOLFILE and the request to update the header file. However, I have not been able to generate the npolfile. Any ideas or suggestions? I noticed some nice, but undocumented python scripts which may help,e.g., processInput or runastrodriz. Any help is very much appreciated!


  • mack@stsci.edu[email protected] Member, Institute_Staff, Moderator_DrizzlePac Posts: 30
    The problem stems from the upgrade to the new DrizzlePac 2.1.3. The parameter updatewcs has been removed from AstroDrizzle and needs to be run as a standalone process first.
    To get around the problem, you can do this instead.

    from stwcs import updatewcs
    astrodrizzle.AstroDrizzle('*c0m.fits') etc...
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