I can't create a good Horsehead Nebula f110w_mosaic_drz_sci.fits from Drizzlepac examples

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I talk about the creation of mosaics through this instruction: https://archive.stsci.edu/prepds/heritage/horsehead/readme_HLSP_v3.txt
I can't create a good Horsehead Nebula f110w_mosaic_drz_sci.fits, because it has a bad sky background subtraction.

See my result: https://goo.gl/photos/hfWqKpZZsxEhCUQr8


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    P.S. On the other hand, the mosaic f160w_mosaic2_drz_sci.jpg is very good: https://goo.gl/photos/Y9EHhMuXvvi4EFRk8
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    I found the solution.
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    Hi, The example shows how to give astrodrizzle a 'skyfile' for F110W with user-defined values. This example was written prior DrizzlePac2.0 which now has sky matching options so this extra step is no longer necessary.
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