Pandeia: Exposure Time Calculator

Community forum for the Exposure Time Calculators (ETCs) powered by Pandeia. Pandeia is a simulation-hybrid, pixel-based ETC paired with a modern GUI. While Pandeia was developed for JWST, it is a general framework, data-driven ETC capable of supporting multiple missions. Its advanced features go well beyond previous ETCs: it accurately models both data acquisition and post-processing, and supports workflows that facilitate the exploration & comparison of a large volume of parameter space.

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JWST ETC web application

Community forum for the JWST ETC web application, still under active development. Ask & answer questions here. The JWST implementation of Pandeia supports all JWST observing modes: imaging, spectroscopy (slitted, slitless, and IFU), coronagraphy, and aperture masking interferometry. The graphical user interface provides enhanced capabilities supporting multiple workflows.

Pandeia Engine

Ask & answer questions about the standalone pandeia.engine Python package (soon to be available on astroconda), which allows direct Python scripting of the Pandeia engine.

WFIRST Source Simulation and Exposure Time Calculation

Ask and answer questions about the WFIRST implementation of Pandeia, which is presently available to people connected to the WFIRST Project and Science Teams through a Jupyter python notebook interface (see for more information).
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