JWST ETC web application

Community forum for the JWST ETC web application, still under active development. Ask & answer questions here. The JWST implementation of Pandeia supports all JWST observing modes: imaging, spectroscopy (slitted, slitless, and IFU), coronagraphy, and aperture masking interferometry. The graphical user interface provides enhanced capabilities supporting multiple workflows.

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Using the JWST ETC

Ask & answer questions about workflows, input parameters, & system behaviours here. General discussion about using the ETC is also appropriate here. The JWST ETC allows you to have multiple workbooks. Each workbook allows you to define sources, place them in scenes, and use the scenes in calculations. Sources may be used in multiple scenes, and scenes may be used by multiple calculations, which will be automatically updated to reflect any changes made.

Results & Output Products

Ask & answer questions about ETC results & output products: 2D images, 1D plots, Reports, Warnings, & Errors. Bear in mind that this development version of the ETC uses preliminary reference data to estimate performance of the observatory. This data will be updated for the Cycle 1 release, slated for January 2017. Users should therefore expect that ETC results may change, and no final scientific decisions should be made based on the numbers reported in this development version.

Problem Reports

Report any system problems here. To help us investigate the problem, please include the date and time (to the minute if possible), username, workbook number, calculation number, and the "session log" number displayed at the lower right corner of the workbook page (eg, "session log = trans.wssvc.1.16"). We may not be able to respond to reported problems in a timely manner, but your problem reports will help us to improve the ETC.

The Suggestion Box

We welcome suggestions from the JWST ETC user community. Due to the project schedule, it is unlikely that any suggestions will make it into the Cycle 1 release; but all suggestions will be considered and prioritized for future development. In addition to making suggestions of your own, we invite you to comment on suggestions that others have made: this will help us prioritize.